Conditions of the meeting

  • the contact of the lady will be sent to you 48 before the meeting,
  • the client's behavior during the whole meeting, must be decent, very polite and especially in intimate moments without obscene and vulgar words,
  • the client is obliged to provide accommodation hotel, or apartment at a medium higher level, at the level of at least 4 stars, and 100% clean,
  • due to bad experience in the past is necessary to pay the full amount, in € and inmediately after her arrival in cash, not by bank transfer or by credit card, please, be so kind and have everything prepared,
  • accommodation, food (restaurant at a decent level), and travel fees of taxis must be covered by the client throughout the meeting,
  • all meetings must be confirmed by you 12 hours in advance directly with the lady SMS or e-mail,
  • in case of any urgent situation or problem (it can always happen), it is necessary to contact the agency and solve it immediately, not after the meeting

in case of violation of these conditions, the lady will contact the agency and leaves from the meeting without a refund and client will be blocked for all others meetings

Full amount to be paid at the meeting

meeting price - deposit + transport + extra services

price - 5% discount  

  • 3hrs | 427€,
  • 6hrs | 617€,
  • 12hrs | 807€,
  • 24hrs | 997€,
  • 48hrs | 1226€,
  • 3days | 1377€,
  • +additional day 284€

+ transport fees

  • to Bratislava 70€
    (lady outside Bratislava)
  • + to Vienna 100€,
  • to Prague 150€,
  • Budapest 150€,
  • taxis in the cities, lady will bring you a receipt 

+ extra services

  • swallow - 100€,
  • sex without condom-150€ extra, YES come in,
  • anal without condom-150€ extra, YES come in

Meeting details